Their second duo concert became their second live album -
"Előrejelzés / Forecast" is the new future jazz release of
István Grencsó & Bálint Bolcsó.

PPR release no.4 is Baltazar Montanaro (baritone violin)
& Áron Porteleki's (drums & viola) first duo album. 
It's ethno-noise/free-folk/experimental. Or what..?


"Fejtörés / Rattled" - The third release on PrePost Records
      is a live recording from Lumen, Budapest. It's a
               spontaneous musical meeting of
István Grencsó (alto sax) & Bálint Bolcsó (electronics) !

grencso 001 web nagyobb

"Fuss" the third album of Dzsindzsa out now
on CD & digidownload at PrePost Records!



"Lim-lom" is the first album of Less is More -
a compilation of four years' live recordings.
This double CD is the first release on PrePost Records!


First live album of the never-rehearsing band
Szezonbűnözők (means Seasonal Criminals).
Recorded in Auróra, Budapest in March 2016.

szezonbunozok front 300x300

Listen to the latest weekly Optimal Show on
Tilos Radio archive!  
(click red or orange button to listen, green to download)


Jason Köhnen (a.k.a. Bong-Ra) meets Balázs Pándi at Jazzaj series, Budapest - 
'Darkness Comes in Two' is a live album recorded by Prepost Records,
released on Svart Lava Records.
kohnen+pandi 300x300

Unbelievable, but this was Baló's first solo gig in his last 50 years of drumming.

Two guitarists on Lumen's "Free Music" series.

The second video from the "Fuss" album recording session: "Koma"

We have some videos from the "Dzsindzsa: Fuss" recording session!

Album opening "Pacsi (All round the girl)" 
(the audio of this video is an alternate version of the song):

New Santa Diver video from Kisüzem
(video by Mil Colibríessound by Prepost Records):

The third video from the "Fuss" recording session: "Intézet"

Part of a full improvised duo concert in Lumen, Budapest on "Free Music"
series with Róbert Benkő (double bass) & Máté Pozsár (piano)

Prepost Records is an independent label that uniquely documents a layer of Budapest’s underground music scene. Most of the releases are recorded live at off-genre events and include (but are not limited to) jazz, freejazz, experimental, electronic and ‘free’ music.


PPR is entirely self financed and all earnings are put toward building up the label and supporting its artists. Any contribution goes a long way. You can make a one-time or regular donation in the PayPal donate section below, or get releases by clicking on the ‘get the album’ button. The recommended donation amount for one release is 6 Eur or 2000 Huf, but any less or more is greatly appreciated. In case you don't have a PayPal account, you can do a direct banktransfer to HU70116000060000000076622461

Thank you, and enjoy the music!


These recordings are available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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